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At Construction Solutions of the Fox Valley LLC. safety is our number one priority on the jobsite. We believe that all of our employees and other contractors on the jobsite are entitled to have a safe working environment. It is the responsibility of our employees to respect the safety of their job environment as well as their co-workers.


It is the policy of this company to strive for the highest possible level of safety standards on all of our projects. Safety does not occur by chance but rather it is the result of careful attention to detail, planning, and execution of the projects for which we have contracted. Employees at all levels must work at achieving and maintaining the company’s policy of safety.


Working in the construction industry can sometimes be dangerous. Work-related accidents can cause serious injuries, while most of these accidents are preventable. "No job is so important, no service is so urgent, that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely."


It is our goal to prevent all injuries before they happen. This is why our company takes a proactive role when it comes to safety.  Safety is a team effort, from the owners down to laborers, and we try to identify safety concerns before an accident happens. A safe operation is organized, clean and efficient. If all employees are knowledgeable about safety and our commitment to safety, we will be in a better position to improve the total performance of our company.



Our company has two main approaches to eliminating accidents on our jobsites.


1. Eliminate unsafe working conditions


  • Being aware of working conditions that may cause exposure to accidents


  • It is difficult to eliminate all unsafe conditions and even harder to predict where an accident may occur. But always being aware of our surrounding will help in the identification process.


2. Reducing unsafe acts


  • Each of our workers make a consicious effort to work safely


  • Having a high degree of safety awareness will make working safely a habit. Our company holds bi-weekly safety meetings, which discuss revelant safety concerns at that time.


  • Having this high level of safety awareness will better allow all of our employees to identify safety concerns.


To achieve a NO accident worksite takes a lot of intricate planning and decision making on the jobsite!!


            Our goal is to continually have a no accident workzone!!

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